Woman who gauged her mother's eyeballs out pleads guilty to manslaughter

A Florida woman who gauged her mother’s eyeballs out with glass shards and shoved them in a cardboard box has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Camilla Balla of Royal Palm Beach entered her plea on Wednesday (November 29). 

She was sentenced to 15 years behind bars, and will have to serve 15 years of probation when she is finally released. 

It’s not clear where Balla will be required to serve out her sentence.

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Balla, however, received a jail credit of 5 years — based on the fact that she’d spent every day since her arrest in 2018 behind bars.

That means, ultimately, that she will only serve 10 years of her prison sentence. 

On March 16, 2018, Balla called a co-worker to tell her that she believed she’d killed her mother. 

The friend phoned police, who arrived to find Balla with her hands covered in blood. “I killed my mother and I need help,” she said to the deputies. 

Deputies went into the house to find Balla’s mother dead on the garage floor, with several lacerations to her face — and her eyeballs gauged out and placed in a cardboard box. 

Deputies said Balla was being treated by paramedics at the scene when she started to scream, “I’m a murderer.”

The police also found several handwritten notes by Balla about “cleansing her soul,” and believed she was on drugs at the time of her mother’s murder. 

Balla will also have to undergo a mandatory mental health evaluation.


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