Woman sparks major debate after exposing her breakup with ‘man-child’

A woman’s exposé on her breakup with someone she deemed a “man-child” has garnered 35.5 million views, prompting widespread controversy over the qualities of an immature man.

On May 20, Lauren, a lifestyle content creator on TikTok, gave the internet an inside look at the heated conversation she and her ex-boyfriend had when they decidedly split up. “POV: you’re breaking up with a man child,” her on-screen caption read.

In the narrow frame, Lauren and her former boyfriend can be seen talking close, their noses almost touching. Though it’s not clear, the pair seems to be standing in someone’s front yard.

Lauren has her arm up, pointing her finger to direct him away from her, while her old flame is firmly positioned in front of her.

“Go home,” the TikTok user yells, while her former partner repeats: “I expect all my stuff. I want all my stuff.”

“I expect all my things,” Lauren’s ex exclaims after she starts to count down from five. In the heat of the moment, the man storms off, heading in the opposite direction. However, Lauren later revealed that he wouldn’t leave and tried to go into her house.

Lauren wasn’t laughing in the video, but her caption encouraged viewers to chuckle despite her upset. But most TikTok users weren’t amused. In fact, they were sent into a frenzy by Lauren’s use of “man-child” to describe her ex.

Over 39,000 people took to the comments section of her video, arguing whether she was justified in labeling the man by the title.

One person questioned why Lauren thought he was being childish for asking for his belongings back. “He just wants all of his stuff he owns,” they noted.

“All he’s asking is for his things so I don’t get it,” a second agreed. Another viewer proclaimed: “Counting to a grown man is crazy.”

TikToker yells at her ex as he demands he get his ‘stuff’ back (@laurbugs on TikTok)

However, one supporter claimed: “The fact that you counted down LIKE A MOTHER and he instantly left SCREAMS MAN CHILD!!!”

“From a grown man… you done good girlie. For what it’s worth from a stranger, I’m proud of you. This took real strength and you stayed hella calm,” a fan proclaimed.

Another person said: “You having to count for him to listen just proves the way we have to raise these men.”


The Independent has contacted Lauren for a comment.


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