Woman sparks debate as mother-in-law ignores babysitting ‘rules’ – including secretly taking grandkid for first haircut

A WOMAN has sparked a fierce debate about what her friend’s mother-in-law has been up to when looking after her baby.

TikTok user Lynsey explained her close pal was very grateful when her partner’s mum offered to have her little one so she could go back to work,

A woman sparked a fierce debate about someone's mother-in-law’s rules for her grandchild


A woman sparked a fierce debate about someone’s mother-in-law’s rules for her grandchildCredit: tiktok@lynsey_36/

But Lynsey, aka @lynsey_36, said that in recent weeks she had been left wondering whether she should have made the decision. 

In a video posted to her profile, she explained: “So I don’t know if this is all mother-in-law’s, or if my poor friend has just been unlucky…

“My friend has recently gone back to work, she only has one child and her mother-in-law has agreed to look after the little one three days a week.

“It’s amazing, she could not be happier because childcare fees are so expensive and plus, as a first time mum, she didn’t really want to put her child into childcare.”

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However, things soon started to go awry when the mother-in-law made her own rules up , completely going against the baby’s mum’s wishes. 

Lynsey continued: “She sent the baby with the baby’s breakfast and its organic porridge.

“She has all the instructions on how to make the porridge, and she is quite adamant that her child cannot have any sugar.”

But she recently discovered via her brother-in-law that her mother-in-law had been adding sugar to the porridge every morning.

Lynsey continued: “Now if that was just a one-off, isolated case, I don’t think she would be too worried about it – even though she would be raging as she had specifically asked her not to do it.”

But Lynsey went on to reveal that the mother-in-law had also taken some other things into her own hands.

This included buying the little one a walker – something the mum disapproves of as a paediatrician. 

She added: “That’s another massive area of contention and she’s really upset about that.”

However, there was one thing that she had done which was described as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” 

Lynsey revealed: “The little girl still has baby hair but she has quite a lot of it and she had quite a long fringe that my friend was pinning back.

“She went to pick the baby up last week and the mother-in-law had taken her to the hairdressers for her first haircut – and cut the baby’s fringe.

“Now, my friend got on the phone to me and was crying her eyeballs out wanting to know if she was being oversensitive, whether it was just the stress of going back to work and leaving the baby – or the mother-in-law is overstepping her boundaries.”

This soon led to a fierce debate amongst other social media users as to who was in the right and who was in the wrong – and if the little girl’s mum should confront the mother-in-law about it.

On one hand, people slammed the older woman’s behaviour. 

One person said: “Mother in law here – I would always abide by the mother’s rules and I would never take a baby for a first haircut. Unbelievable.”

Another added: “No, no, no, she took her baby for their first hair cut. Her mother-in-law should never have done that. She is not overreacting.”

However, others were quick to point out that it was probably coming from a good place.

One commented: “The haircut is a big no no, but the rest I think you have to let slide, the mother-in-law is saving your friend hundreds of pounds.”

While a second wrote: “I honestly think she’s given up her time to watch her grandchild and she’s making memories.”

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People couldn't make up their minds who was in the right


People couldn’t make up their minds who was in the rightCredit: tiktok@lynsey_36/


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