Woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend in the eye with a rabies needle

A Florida woman has been placed under arrest after she used a rabies needle to stab her boyfriend in the eye.

44-year-old Sandra Jimenez got into an argument with her boyfriend — who hasn’t been named — because he was allegedly caught looking at other women. 

After they got into an argument, the man said he went to lay down on the couch — and that’s when Jimenez flipped out.

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According to the Miami Dade Sheriff’s Office, Jimenez allegedly pounced on her boyfriend while he was laying on the couch. 

In her hands was two rabies needles that the couple had for their dogs.

Jimenez succeeded in stabbing her boyfriend in the eye with one of the needles, resulting in a trip to the emergency room for a torn eyelid.

Jimenez fled the scene after she’d allegedly stabbed her boyfriend, but Miami Dade police quickly caught up to her after her boyfriend spoke to them at the hospital.

Jimenez was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. 

She was arrested at the scene of the crime, where she’d returned after she fled from the police.

She is also being represented by a public defender. 

Jimenez is currently on house arrest, pending trial.


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