Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory star Denise Nickerson dies aged 62

Denise Nickerson in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (Picture: Rex)

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory star Denise Nickerson has died aged 62.

The actress, who is best known for playing Violet Beauregarde in the 1971 children’s classic, suffered a ‘severe stroke’ in June 2018 but was taken to hospital on Monday due to a medical emergency.

Her family confirmed that she passed away in her hospital room around 10.30pm Colorado time on Wednesday night, three days after she was taken off life support.

‘Several visitors came by her room to share memories and say their final goodbyes,’ revealed TMZ.

Denise’s son Joshua and his wife Jasmine had started a Go Fund Me page explaining the actress’ condition while asking for financial help to have her cremated and her ashes turned into glass artwork.

Joshua explained that Denise was diagnosed with pneumonia and suffered a huge seizure, prompting doctors to put her on life support.

However, the family decided to take the actress off the respirator when her condition worsened.

Denise was takem off the respirator when her condition worsened (Picture: Rex)

On the Go Fund Me page, the pair said: ‘Denise got into her medicines and took as much as she could.

‘Josh stopped her and rushed her to the ER. At some point during this event, she aspirated, and caught pneumonia. She was stabilized and kept for observation.’

However, she then suffered a massive seizure and ‘paired with the weakness from the stroke and issues she had from that, and the pneumonia caused her to stop exhaling carbon dioxide from her body’.

They added: ‘She began to experience blood poisoning and her body shut down. She’s been in a coma-like state. She cannot be saved.

‘We’ve been up here with her most of the day and she’s experienced multiple additional seizures.

‘At 3 am (07/10/19) we decided because the machines and medicines are not helping her but only making her more uncomfortable, that its okay to stop administering these things to her.

‘We are heartbroken and reliving a grief we’ve lived every single day since she had the stroke over a year ago [sic].

Denise with the cast of Willy Wonka in 2014 (Picture: Getty Images)

Born in 1957, Denise was 14 when she starred alongside Gene Wilder in the children’s classic.

As Violet Beauregarde, Denise played the gum-chewing teen who fell in love with Wonka’s gum that offered three meals in one. But after munching on a piece that wasn’t quite fully tested, she turned into a blueberry and was rolled away by the Oompa Loompas.

She had also appeared on Sesame Street and as Amy Jennings and Nora Collins in Dark Shadows between 1968 and 1970.

However, she retired from acting at the age of 21 and settled into life as a nurse, as well as attending fan conventions.

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