Why neem oil is the Ayurvedic superhero that will banish acne, smooth frizzy hair and lighten dark circles

Trundling towards an all-natural beauty regime is full of sunny solutions.

Cue carrot seed oil (a.k.a nature’s retinol), which calls on vitamin A to smooth complexions; rose oil, who boasts moisture-boosting benefits comparable with hyaluronic acid, and exfoliating lemon essential oil with an exfoliating power to match salicylic acid.

Some of us have delved so deep into herbal alternatives, we couldn’t consider turning back. Others have a firm penchant for lab-grown formulas and scientific solutions. But for those teetering on the edge of nearly natural, there’s just one criteria. The ingredient has to work.

Used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine (a holistic practice that looks at full body health as a method of healing), neem oil is the natural skin and hair care ingredient that’s worth considering. The list of beauty benefits is nothing short of spectacular – a skin and scalp moisturiser, blemish banisher, dark circle lightener, frizz fighter, it’s even said to heal wounds, treat dandruff and protect against damage-causing free radicals *interest twitches*.

Neem oil is taken from the leaves of the neem tree, native to the Indian subcontinent. Vitamin E, C, fatty acids and skin-shielding carotenoids are just a few components of neem oil that encourage a clear, youthful, glowy complexion. As for hair, those fatty acids are great for nourishing the scalp, plus – when used on the lengths – neem oil helps to condition while repelling excess moisture. That means less frizz and less frustration with our barnet.

Ready to give it a go? These products have already harnessed neem oil’s endless benefits. Natural skincare activists, the 100% oil is for you.


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