Why Do More People Get Nose Jobs Nowadays?

Why Do More People Get Nose Jobs Nowadays?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world — each year, millions of patients pay thousands to tens of thousands of euros to change the shape and size of their noses. And recently, this trend has only accelerated with more and more people signing up for this plastic surgery.

So, what has made this plastic surgery so popular recently? Is it the right time for you to undergo the surgery? In this article, we’ll try to answer these questions and more!

These are specific reasons why rhinoplasty is more popular than most other plastic surgeries available on the market.

#1 Rhinoplasty isn’t as Costly

Plastic surgery, by its very nature, is quite costly – whether you’re looking at breast implants, a facelift, or a nose job. However, among all major types of plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is one of the more affordable ones. It is generally less expensive than a facelift or breast implant, and this added affordability goes a long way to making this surgery more popular.

#2 Rhinoplasty has the Potential to Transform the Patient’s Face

Rhinoplasty, perhaps more than any other plastic surgery, has the potential to completely transform the patient’s face. The nose is at the centre of the face, and it impacts the symmetry and the proportionality of the face quite substantially. A large, crooked, or otherwise unappealing nose can completely distort others’ perceptions of a person’s face. This is why the satisfaction rate with rhinoplasty is higher than most other plastic surgeries.

#3 Recovery from Rhinoplasty is Easier and Safer

 Rhinoplasty, like other major plastic surgeries, is an invasive surgery that takes considerable time to recover from. Unlike others, since it operates on the nose alone, you can return to normal life after only two weeks of the surgery. This is considerably shorter than other types of surgeries. Breast implants need around a month, for example. Rhinoplasty generally also has fewer side effects and botched surgeries can be corrected easier.

Reasons Why Demand for Rhinoplasty is Growing in Recent Years

Aside from all those reasons that make rhinoplasty a more popular choice than many other plastic surgeries, there are also reasons why the number of nose jobs performed has increased recently relative to itself. If any of the below reasons has been why you’ve put off getting a nose job for a long period of time, maybe it is time to reconsider!

#1 Better Affordability

Thanks to advancements in technology, plastic surgeries in general, and rhinoplasty in particular, have become more affordable over time. This has made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to undergo the surgery. If you care about affordability, then you should definitely check out rhinoplasty in Poland.

#2 Better Acceptance

Our societies’ attitudes constantly change and evolve, and over the last two/three decades, attitudes towards plastic surgery have shifted considerably. Nowadays, getting plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, is not looked down on. This has encouraged many people to undergo the surgery, which would’ve otherwise been discouraged by societies’ hard attitudes towards people who undergo plastic surgery.

#3 Better Availability

Nowadays, rhinoplasty is more available than ever. This is not only due to improved education sectors around the world that produces far more plastic surgeons than ever before, but it is also due to increasingly cheaper costs of transportation as well. You can easily go to another city/region/country and book with the best plastic surgeon there.

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