Why Cannabis Oil Is Set to Go to New Heights with Soaring Adoption

Why Cannabis Oil Is Set to Go to New Heights with Soaring Adoption

Cannabis long has had a negative connotation to it. The cause? Psychoactive side-effects that come from THC. This has long resulted in bans of cannabis across the world. However, with technology and science developing, we do see an adoption of the friendlier cannabis oil. Why friendlier? The oil promise the healthy benefits of cannabis but without the psychoactive side-effects that normal cannabis has. The use of cannabis oil (CBD) has already been on the rise over the last five years.

Why CBD Oil Was on the Rise

In the past, there was only one extraction method possible for CBD: chemicals. This means that chemicals are being added to the plants, allowing it to extract the oil. However, this product is not ‘pure’ as there are small amounts of the chemicals present in the oil as well. This results in lower quality and also in chemicals being present (although in small amounts).

Move to CO2 extraction

With technology advancing, there was a new method on the rise. The use of CO2 extraction makes it possible to extract CBD, without using any chemicals. This enabled to retrieve a pure oil that can be consumed. Do note that this type of CBD is generally more expensive than the chemically produced oil. When you want to purchase the oil, make sure to check this in the descriptions of the product.

Getting to the Right Dosage

The dosage of the CBD differs per person and use case. This requires some experimentation at first. Also, when adding the product to food and drinks, it can be hard to make sure you have the right dose every time you use the oil. This is where capsules can come to the rescue. One of the leading providers of CBD products has created these capsules (learn more here:

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CBD Capsules

The capsules can be consumed with water but can also simply help you to dose your intake in dishes. This makes it a more effective product for the users, as they will see the effectiveness of the product rise. This is also why we expect that the use of cannabis will rise again. As the use cases for the product are very broad, there are benefits for almost any type of end-user.

What can CBD Help The Users With?

There is still a lot of research being conducted in the field. However, there are already several proven use cases. For example, CBD can be used to alleviate pain which can be helpful in numerous situations. Furthermore, when you are coping with restlessness or want to get your focus working for you, CBD could be the perfect product. The dosage is important in all of these cases. Too much of a product, for example, could make you more sleepy than concentrated.

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