Why Call Of Duty 2019 needs a story mode – Reader’s Feature

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – are you you ready for a fourth one?

A reader is convinced that this year’s Call Of Duty will be Modern Warfare 4, and that it’s essential it has a proper single-player mode.

Any day now (perhaps even by the time you read this) Activision is going to announce this year’s Call Of Duty and pretty much everyone, including me, is convinced it’s going to be Modern Warfare 4.

I certainly think it should be, as after WWII and Black Ops 4 it’s the obvious way to go and maintain a good level of variety. I’m not going to pretend for a second I remember what happened at the end of Modern Warfare 3, even though I enjoyed it, but I don’t think anyone cares what the story is as long as Captain Price is in it and it plays like a Michael Bay movie.

I am adamant that Call Of Duty needs a single-player mode and that that’s why the last game didn’t sell quite as well as Activision were hoping. More than anything the story campaigns are always usually very good and with first person shooters less common than they were I’d hate to see the expertise for it fade away.

There doesn’t seem much chance of that though, as apparently Infinity Ward has been hiring back a number of people from Respawn that used to work on the series, which in itself kind of gives away the fact that it’s going to be Modern Warfare 4.

I’m going to say that I also look forward to the game being a bit edgy again. The whole No Russian level was absolutely shameless in terms of courting controversy, but I like to see that from time to time. Especially as in that level you didn’t actually have to kill, and it wasn’t very different from similar scenes in movies and TV.

It’s good to have discussions about what is and isn’t acceptable in video games and to be honest No Russian is one of the few times I saw any kind of push back against just gun violence in video games. I’m not suggesting anything should be banned, quiet the opposite, but sometimes we need to be shocked in order to question the status quo.

The one thing I’m most curious about with the story mode is whether it will be single-player or co-op. The rumour was that before it was cut Black Ops 4’s story mode was going to be co-op and barely a story at all, more like a challenge mode. I don’t mind co-op in theory but it’s not worked that well in Call Of Duty before and I think it dilutes from the storytelling and the set pieces.

What’s great about the old Call Of Duties is that they’re basically three games in one and the only real connection is the gunplay. That’s what I’d prefer to return to and I’m hopeful it’s what will happen. If nothing else it will emphasise returning to a modern day setting and make the other two modes seem more unique.

I will play multiplayer (never particularly liked Zombies) but for me Call Of Duty has always been a single-player experience first and foremost. And as for Blackout… I’d spin it off as a free-to-play game, because it’s the only way I’ll play it. Since without a story mode I never bought Black Ops 4.

By reader Masi

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