Why Bode Miller Is Demanding Change for Olympic Athletes Ahead of 2021 Summer Games

Behind every Olympic win is an unforgettable journey filled with highs and lows.

With six medals under his belt, Team USA’s Bode Miller may look like the ultimate success story on paper. But according to the alpine ski racer, being an Olympic medalist isn’t all celebratory.

Bode, along with several other world-famous competitors including Michael Phelps, Lolo Jones, Shaun White, Gracie Gold and Apolo Ohno, agreed to participate in The Weight of Gold, HBO Sports’ new documentary that explores the mental health challenges that some Olympic athletes face.

According to Bode, it was important to speak up in hopes of bringing change to future athletes of all sports.

“We’re trying to destigmatize and really bring the conversation to a productive place,” Bode exclusively explained to E! News. “Starting with people who maybe the general public wouldn’t expect to deal with these things I think was a logical way to do it.”


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