Why a registry office wedding is the perfect excuse to be experimental with the cliché bridal wardrobe

When it comes to planning a wedding, it seems like there are so many rules and regs to be adhered to. From where to sit your non-nuclear family members to choosing your bridesmaids and deciding who should make a speech, it can feel like a minefield of traditions that you’d be making a particularly bold statement to go against. Not to mention, of course, your wardrobe.

It HAS to be white. And a dress. And full-length. And non-revealing. And definitely not tight-fitting. But, of course, you’re still expected to really ‘wow’ your guests. In an outfit that’s practically been made for you… Tricky.

Anyone else fancy ripping up the rule book and arriving in a pair of patchwork Loewe jeans?

While that might be drastic, modern brides are getting braver in their sartorial choices – and, perhaps surprisingly, it’s the registry office that’s welcoming some of the most interesting looks.

Perhaps due to the venue’s less traditional nature, or because these ceremonies so frequently act as merely the appetiser to get official formalities signed before jetting off overseas for the *real* party (where there’ll inevitably be the aforementioned dramatic white, floor-length gown), the registry office has become renowned for unexpected bridal looks. And we are so here for it.

Whether you’re contemplating a trouser suit or a jumpsuit, a midi or even a mini, here are the pieces GLAMOUR HQ would be snapping up if someone (anyone! Kidding…) put a ring on it.

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