Who is Simon Squibb on TikTok and what is his net worth?

SIMON Squibb was homeless at 15, but now he’s a multi-millionaire.

Here is everything you need to know about the businessman who documents his successes online.

Simon has changed his life around since being broke and homeless


Simon has changed his life around since being broke and homelessCredit: Jack Hill/The Times, The Sunday Times.
At 15 sleeping in a stairwell, similar to the one he purchased in 2023


At 15 sleeping in a stairwell, similar to the one he purchased in 2023Credit: Instagram/@simonsquibb

Who is Simon Squibb?

Simon Squibb is a British content creator, Investor, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of HelpBnk.

He has gained a large following through his videos on TikTok.

His videos vary from interviewing the public about their dreams to discussing his successes with his followers.

This has resulted in the popular influencer gaining millions of views on his channel.

As of April 2024, he has over 2.6 million followers on TikTok.

You can find his account under the username @simonsquibb

Simon grew up in a middle-class family but his life fell apart when he was just 15 years old.

His dad suffered a heart attack at home in front of him and soon after that he fell out with his mum and left home, leaving behind his three siblings.

He told the Daily Mail: “It was a traumatic time and I left with nothing — not even a bag. I had no money, no possessions.

“I begged for food and money. I slept rough in a park, then a stairwell like this. And later a squat.”

Despite the hardship and heartbreak at the time, Simon now sees it in a different light.

He shared: “I almost look at it as a positive time. I had a chance to discover myself.

“I realised I didn’t need possessions. I went into survival mode and an entrepreneurial muscle awoke in my brain — all the important stuff that school doesn’t teach you — how to manage money, how to start a business, how to survive.”

How did Simon Squibb make money?

Simon was 15 when he started up his first company with his gardening firm which went on to make big bucks every year.

He spent 10 years as an entrepreneur in the UK and 20 years as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong.

I was sleeping in a stairwell when I was 15 and I was homeless”

Simon Squibb

This is where his company Fluid was born.

In 2015, Simon sold the firm to global accounting giant PWC for an eye-watering amount.

He now runs HelpBnk, a networking app where start-up founders can swap tips.

Over the last two decades, he has invested in over 70 startups. 

His website reads: “Simon is the founder of the world’s first Help2Earn system, a platform that helps people learn how to start and scale a business for free while those that help get paid. Simon’s mission is to help 10million people start a business of their own, and fix the education system.

As the businessman is known for his willingness to take risks, in August 2023, he purchased a disused four-storey stairwell similar to the one he once lived in.

He shared how he planned to turn it into a rent-free office space for start-ups.

Simon told The Times: “It just captured my imagination.

“I thought of my first business, a gardening company, while I was sleeping in a stairwell when I was 15 and I was homeless.

“I kind of think this is the height of craziness when a staircase is now being sold off.

“The worst outcome will be that we just make this our walk-in office, where we can meet people and they can tell us their dreams.”

What is Simon Squibb’s net worth?

Simon has an estimated net worth of £510 million.

He owns a Lamborghini Diablo VT which is worth £300k.


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