Who is Married At First Sight 2019 expert Dr Pepper Schwartz?

MARRIED At First Sight it back on our screens for a fourth series and with it is new expert Dr.Pepper Schwartz.

Fans have already gone wild over her name but what else do we know about her?

 Dr Pepper Schwartz is the love guru for Married At First Sight
Dr Pepper Schwartz is the love guru for Married At First Sight

Who is Married At First Sight 2019 expert Dr.Pepper Schwartz?

Dr Pepper is the latest expert to be introduced on the fourth series of the Channel 4 dating show – and fans were quick to comment on her name.

The American sociologist and sexologist was born on Mayh 11, 1945.

She graduated from Washington University in St.Louis with a BA and MA and an MA and PhD in Sociology from Yale University.

Throughout her career she has written many books exploring relationships and sexuality.

As well as writing a Sex and Health column for Glamour.

She’s also appeared on TV shows sharing her expertise such as Dr.Phil, Dateline and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The expert sparked controversy when a study of hers proposed that lesbian couples in long-term relationships had a worse sex life than heterosexual couples.

In 2007, Dr.Schwartz described herself as living “in Washington State, being single after a 23 year marriage, and having two children in college.”

Who are the new Married At First Sight couples?

 Jack and Verity at their wedding

Channel 4

Jack and Verity at their wedding

Jonathan and Stephanie

In the first episode, Jonathan, 35, muses: “If this can’t work with so much preparation ­matching us, what can?”

And the first impressions are looking good, with Stephanie saying: “When I first saw him I thought ‘Oh, he’s smiling,’ which is a good sign. It’s felt very natural and normal throughout.”

The pair are hoping to avoid the same messy fate as last year’s contestants Ben Jardine and Stephanie Saintremy, whose relationship ended in divorce amid a very public fallout.

Jack and Verity

Office manager Verity told the Daily Mirror: “The show’s always fascinated me. This year I thought I’m prepared to take the risk – it’s my last resort to be honest.”

While Jack, 25, sinks a shot before walking down the aisle, explaining: “I’ve always gone for the wrong person before,” says Jack, single for a year.

“My parents think I’m bonkers. I saw my mum earlier and as she looked at me she said: ‘You can still run.’”

Both are confident they can buck the trend and become the first couple in the show’s history to last the distance.

How does Married At First Sight work?

As the name suggests, Married At First Sight sees two complete strangers meet for the first time on their wedding day.

Experts select compatible couples from a list of applicants, then invite them to marry on their first meeting.

A hair-strand test, which measures cortisol levels, or stress – an indicator of how people react to difficult situations – hormone tests and interviews about personality, likes and dislikes, are used to decide who will work well as a team.

Thousands of people applied to take part in the new season, and it takes a year of form-filling and tests for contestants to go from applying to exchanging rings.

The singles are also faced with having to persuade their friends and family – and maybe even themselves – that marrying a stranger is not a crazy idea.

The couples then spend several weeks in shared accommodation after their marriage to try and build their relationship, before deciding whether they would like to stay married or get a divorce.

When is Married At First Sight on Channel 4?

The fourth series of the experimental relationship show will once again be shown on Channel 4.

Fans will be able to watch the new couples get hitched when the first episode aired on Wednesday 20 March at 9pm.

The next episode will be on Wednesday 27 March at the same time.

Four strangers will be seen tying the knot and the rest of the series will follow the two couples as they adjust to married life.

There have been three series of Married at First Sight UK with the first airing in 2016.

Married at First Sight’s new sex expert is called Dr Pepper Schwartz


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