(Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

World of Warcraft celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and to celebrate Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing a new classic version of the game.

The new server option was first announced at BlizzCon 2017 and it has been a long wait for fans who have been there since the game’s initial release in 1994.

World of Warcraft Classic will recreate the game in its original form, before it received it’s first expansion – Burning Crusade.

The new game mode will be open to all levels of players and will offer the chance to relive classic defining moments in the game.

Here is everything that you need to know about how to play it and what to expect.

When is the World of Warcraft Classic release date?

World of Warcraft Classic will be available on PC and Mac from Tuesday 27 August.

The new mode will be available for free to anyone with a World of Warcraft subscription

(Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

What to expect from World of Warcraft Classic

The launch of WoW Classic will give players the chance to put together a 40-player raid where they can take on Molten Core and try to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, while also taking part in the PvP fight between Soutshore and Tarren Mill.

Players will be able to return to Azeroth and experience it as it was during the 1.12.1 patch update.

Content updates will continue to be released over several phases to reflect the game’s original patch release cycle.

Despite being filled with content from the original set-up of the game, it will be supported by a modern infrastructure that will ensure that the gaming experience is smooth and suitable for a modern PC.

Players are already able to put together up three characters ready for the release, which includes being able to reserve a name and choose which realm you want to play on.

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