When do FUT champs rewards come out in Fifa 20?

Fifa 20 offers some pretty good rewards to its users (Picture: EA)

The Fifa series of video games continues to be one of the most popular out there – with Fifa 20 having topped the gaming charts in the run-up to Christmas and still hanging around in the top five even now.

Of course playing the game does come with its perks – most notably the FUT champs rewards which you can get for your playing skills.

But just when do they come out – and how do they work?

Here’s what you need to know…

What are FUT Champs Rewards in Fifa 20 and when are they released?

FUT champs rewards are available as part of Fifa 20’s FUT Champions game mode.

They are released to eligible players on Thursdays at 9am UK time.

EA release the FUT rewards according to Greenwich Mean time – which means players in the US will get them in the small hours, at 4am on the East Coast and one in the morning on the West Coast.

How can you get FUT Champs rewards?

The rewards are available to everyone who has completed at least five matches in the game during the previous weekend.

The game features a number of different modes (Picture: EA)

In order to be a part of the Weekend League you need to gain enough points to qualify through playing matches as part of Division Rivals in Ultimate Team mode.

The number of FUT Champions Points you earn depends on your performance and your current Division – so the better your football skills, the more points you stand to earn.

Once you’ve qualified for the Weekend League, the rewards available to you will depend on the amount of games you win.

Weekends run from 8am on Friday until 8am on Monday and you need to play five games in that time to be eligible for rewards.

However the more games you play the more you stand to win – and bigger and better rewards await those who have more victories under their belt.

Fifa 20 is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, XBox One and PS4.

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