What links life, girl, boy, idiot, dream and pie? The Weekend quiz

1 Which fictional cat had an obituary in the Guardian in 2002?
2 What was outlawed by the Combination Acts?
3 Which migrating birds gather together in “screaming parties”?
4 What is the least populous US state?
5 Who left the Tbilisi Spiritual Seminary in 1899?
6 The Pyroscaphe was an 18th-century prototype of what vessel?
7 What is the central church of the RAF?
8 Which boxer is celebrated by statues in Žitište, Serbia and Philadelphia?
What links:
9 Adriana Caselotti; Ilene Woods; Mary Costa; Jodi Benson; Paige O’Hara?
10 Newgrange; Knowth; Dowth; Carrowmore; Carrowkeel; Loughcrew?
11 Life; Girl; Boy; Idiot; Dream; Pie?
12 Homosexual; monolingual; neuroscience; television; tyrannosaurus rex?
13 Abigail’s Party; Scum; Brimstone And Treacle; Bar Mitzvah Boy?
14 Displacement; neutralisation; oxidation; reduction; thermal decomposition?
15 Europe (26); Eurasia (1); North America (2)?

Yellow boxing gloves in a ring

Boxing clue KOed? Photograph: Getty Images


1 Judith Kerr’s Mog.
2 Trade union activity.
3 Swifts.
4 Wyoming.
5 Joseph Dzhugashvili (Stalin).
6 Steamship.
7 St. Clement Danes, London.
8 Rocky Balboa.
9 Voiced original Disney princesses: Snow White; Cinderella; Aurora; Ariel; Belle.
10 Megalithic tombs in Ireland.
11 American songs: Madonna; Tom Petty; Estelle; Green Day; Jakatta; Don McLean/Madonna.
12 Words derived from both Greek and Latin.
13 In BBC’s Play For Today strand.
14 Types of chemical reaction.
15 Nato members countries.


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