The questions

1 Which English monarch inherited two kingdoms and lost them both?
2 What was Clare Hollingworth’s “scoop of the century”?
3 What item, salvaged from a 1799 shipwreck, stands in Lloyd’s?
4 Who introduced the idea of the categorical imperative?
5 What feud was ignited at the 1995 Source Awards?
6 The Ouse and Trent combine to form what?
7 Which winemaker was known as the Pope of Beaujolais?
8 The “citation needed” tag appears where?
What links:
9 Timothy; Yorkshire fog; marram; quaking; tussock?
10 Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s cocker spaniel; Virginia Woolf’s marmoset; Marilyn Monroe’s Maltese?
11 Aaron’s rod; golden pot of manna; tablets of the law?
12 Two of a kind; to trim; Conference; French father?
13 Foggy Bottom; Navy Yard; Georgetown; Dupont Circle?
14 Rope; Russian Ark; Birdman; 1917?
15 Dzo; pizzly; cama; liger; hinny?

American Cocker Spaniel Dog (studio shot).

Cracked the cocker spaniel clue? Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Henry VI.
2 Outbreak of the second world war.
3 Lutine bell.
4 Immanuel Kant.
5 US East coast-West coast rap rivalry.
6 The Humber (estuary).
7 Georges Duboeuf (died in January).
8 Wikipedia articles.
9 Types of grass.
10 Pet subjects of books, by: Virginia Woolf; Sigrid Nunez; Andrew O’Hagan.
11 Contents of the Ark of the Covenant (Hebrews 9:4).
12 Homophones: pair; pare; pear; père.
13 Areas of Washington DC.
14 Single-shot films (actual or seemingly).
15 Hybrid animals: yak/cattle; polar bear/grizzly; camel/llama; lion/tiger; horse/donkey.


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