What Comes Next for Kim Kardashian as She Navigates Her Future Amid Kanye West Divorce

“There was no dramatic final moment between them recently where she said, ‘This is it.'” The insider continues, “They decided a while ago that they were going to do this and go their separate ways.”

The source also confirms Kim and Kanye aren’t exactly on speaking terms, but it’s not because they’re at odds. Instead, the insider simply says, “It’s over and there’s nothing more to say.”

Since their divorce was “a long time coming,” according to the source, there are very few details left for Kim and Kanye to iron out in terms of custody arrangements and finances.

“They have agreed on joint custody and plan to co-parent.” The insider explains, “She wanted everything to be figured out before she actually filed the papers, but the marriage has been over for a while.”


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