What Are the Best Sites for Comparing Online Games?

What Are the Best Sites for Comparing Online Games?

Games, in general, can be expensive and we might not always have the resources to get the games we want immediately we want them, but the good news is that there are gaming sites that compare and offer discounts for the game of your choice

Do you enjoy classic puzzles or fast-paced challenges? depending on what your interests are; you can find a great selection of free games online. when playing game online click here to get free spins with No wagering given by an online casino as part of a promotion that you can use on slots without having to fulfil any wagering requirements.

Hence, we’ll take a close look at the best websites to visit to play online games at little to no cost.

1. Free Online Games (FOG).

Best Known For: Independently developed games; Mobile-browser-friendly games.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

FOG allows you to play games for free on your computer and on your mobile device without having to download any apps.

It is one of the best places to have fun on the web thanks to some very interesting choice of games it has in store for you.

You can find games in any category you like be it driving games, adventure games, flying games, puzzle games, multiplayer games, sports games, and much more.

A lot of the games on this site are 3D, and are being hosted on a relatively speedy server so you can play the games with an unnoticeable delay or lag depending on your internet speed.

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2. 247 Games.

Best Known For: Classic games, card games, and puzzles.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser).

247 Games is the perfect source for you; If you’re interested in simple online versions of classic games.

All of the games on 247 Games are completely free, and you won’t need to create an account in order to access any features. What you need to do is just click and play.

They host a number of classics such as; backgammon, blackjack, checkers, chess, mahjong, solitaire, sudoku, word search, and more.

3. Addicting Games.

Best Known For: Single-player games.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser), downloadable (desktop) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

Addicting games sports over 4,500 games and these games have a perfect blend of 2D and 3D.

Reviews have shown that these games are essentially based more on the aspects of creativity rather than aesthetics! So don’t let the 2D games discourage you.

4. POGO.

Best Known For: Single-player games.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser), downloadable (desktop) and mobile (phone/tablet browser)

Pogo is another awesome gaming website where you can find lots of free games to play anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to the internet.

On this site, you get to know the best game to play by merely looking at the ratings of thousands of other gamers. The site is pretty organized thus finding any category of games is quite easy. 

5. MiniClip.

Best Known For: Multiplayer games; 1v1 (one-versus-one) games.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser, App Store, Google Play)

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Multiplayer games are the specialty of this website. Aside from going head to head with other players they also have a variety of games in categories that includes action, sports, puzzle, games for kids, and more. You’ll also find games you can download on the App Store and Google Play if you are interested.

6. Kongregate.

Best Known For: Independently-developed games, apps, and community.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser) and mobile (App Store, Google Play).

Kongregate offers over 128,000 online games in many categories including action, multiplayer, adventure, strategy, and puzzles.

What is truly mind-blowing about this website is that Independent game developers can also upload games to Kongregate, which gives you access to thousands of unique gameplay to choose from.

7. Armor Games.

Best Known For: Games available as apps; MMO games.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser) and mobile (App Store, Google Play).

Armor games have a huge collection of free online games and more are still being added to it every week.

There are tons of categories to choose from, such as; action, adventure, arcade, shooting, puzzle, strategy, and sports games e.t.c

Besides online games, Armor Games also create free mobile games for your phone that you can play on the go.

8.  Big Fish Games.

Best Known For: Downloadable games and apps.

Types of Games: Online (computer browser) and mobile (phone/tablet browser, App Store, Google Play)

Unlike the other websites listed so far, you’ll have to create an account in order to play on Big Fish Games. 

Once you have created an account with them, you’ll find access to thousands of free online games in categories such as hidden object games, casino games, adventure games, puzzles, strategy games, card & board games, family games, and much more. While many full versions are available for free, some games require a paid membership for full access.

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In addition to free online games, you’ll find PC games, Mac games, iPad & iPhone games, and Android games available for download.

The choice is yours.


There are dozens of websites that you can visit to find free online games. If you’re looking for simple online versions of classic games, I would recommend checking out 247 Games. Kids will also like the selections on Addicting Games and FOG. If you’re hoping to find online games that are also available on a mobile browser or as an iOS/Android app, check out Armor Games, Big Fish Games, and Kongregate.

Generally, you won’t have to create an account to play games on most of these websites, but if you do, the account is easy and free to make. 

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