Westworld Season 3: Who is Serac?

While Serac makes his first physical appearance at the end of Westworld season 3 episode 2, “The Winter Line,” much of what we know about him can be gleaned from some crucial moments in episode 1, “Parce Domine.” Whether or not we realized it at the time, Serac’s presence looms large over many of the events of the episode. He is frequently referred to, even if not by name.

When Dolores wants to know who has control of Rehoboam, Liam says “If I was going to tell you, I’d already be dead just like my dad. Rehoboam would tell him.” 

This confirms that Serac is the one person who has full control of Rehoboam. It also suggests that Serac killed his former business partner, Liam Sr. 

By all appearances at this point, Serac would appear to be the main antagonist of season 3. Killing people, after all, is generally frowned upon and manipulating world events through a massive computer is just Bond villain type of stuff. But of course, morality isn’t so simple on Westworld. Dolores has killed quite a few people and she remains our lead. Perhaps that’s why Westworld gives Serac a chance to articulate his modus operandi in “The Winter Line.” At episode’s end, when Maeve has finally successfully escaped from her alternate reality in Warworld, she gets to meet with the enigmatic business titan.

Serac is wearing all white, which is interesting imagery given the show’s relationship to the concept of “black hats” and “white hats.” Recall that in Westworld, guests are given the opportunity to choose which hat they want to wear upon entrance to signify the morality of the choices they are about to make. The character we now know as William (Ed Harris) was known as only “The Man in Black” for much of season 1. By adorning Serac in all white, is Westworld casting him as William’s foil? 

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