Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Most wanted video game remake

A possible good remake would be that of Chrono Trigger from the Super Nintendo glory days. With other Japanese remakes of role-players like Secret Of Mana and Dragon Quest, plus now the action adventure title Zelda: Link’s Awakening, it seems now ripe for a game of Chrono Trigger’s quality to be up for that modern remake.

Now it does not have to be anything like that of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake but something in between the original and that of modern titles. Due to the complexity of the world and its four periods of time – the prehistoric, medieval, present, and the future – it would be a bit of an ask for developers to re-envision a full-on modern take of the different time periods.

But as I have seen in Link’s Awakening, something like that, or similar at least, would be perfect. The original Chrono game obviously had a top-down view perspective but there were other styles of gameplay involved, including side-on platform type moments and a vehicle racing sequence.

The storyline was just so impressive and immersive, and the characters involved were just so captivating, that to see a modern realisation of it would be very interesting. Of course, because of its high cult status it would be like taking on something pretty big and to mess it up would be something like sacrilegious to the gaming world.

The best way to respect the heritage would be to not overcomplicate things and make the artwork and physics involved work seamlessly with each other in a similar vein to the original; a classic game that plays like the games of today.

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The soundtrack, which is just utterly awesome in every way, will definitely be a must for a modern orchestral remake and the voice-acting can be used for maybe some of the game or all, depending on if they get the right voice actors for the job, which will be vital.

Either way it maybe a possibility, nothing can get ruled out in this day and age and I await with a calm, excited but composed emotion for when the possible future time for this event will occur.


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