Watch Matthew McConaughey Get People High on ‘Kimmel’

Matthew McConaughey fully embraced Moondog, his character from the upcoming movie The Beach Bum, as he went undercover for Jimmy Kimmel Live in an attempt to get random strangers high. Dressed as Moondog in a long blond wig and captain’s hat, the actor went out onto Hollywood Boulevard to convince people to test out some cannabis-infused food items, which, spoiler alert, are just regular food items.

In the clip, McConaughey sets up a spread of his pot-infused products on the sidewalk and invites passersby to taste them. His first victim is a woman who tries a “pot dog,” which includes some THC-infused ketchup and mustard (which are really normal condiments). “Now before you try one of these I gotta tell you it’s a very quick ramp,” the actor says. “Meaning in five to six seconds you’re gonna feel it.” He counts down from six after she takes a bite and then ask how she feels. “Tingly!” the woman claims. “It’s so nice.”

McConaughey also puts eye drops in a man’s eyes, sprays another with deodorant before blowing bubbles in his face and gets a guy to drink a purple liquid out of a jar.

The video was shot as part of the actor’s recent appearance on Kimmel alongside Snoop Dogg, who also stars in The Beach Bum, director Harmony Korine’s latest movie.


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