Watch Gruesome New Episode of Alice in Chains’ Sci-Fi Series ‘Black Antenna’

Alice in Chains’ “Red Giant” soundtracks the latest installment of the band’s ongoing sci-fi saga, Black Antenna.

The 90-minute film is being released in 10 parts, with each installment coinciding with a track on Alice in Chains’ most recent album, Rainier Fog. The first two episodes introduced Alpha and his 21-year-old daughter, Beta, who speak telepathically as they drive across California robbing people so that Alpha can build an antenna to communicate with his home planet.

The new episode provides some crucial background information, revealing that Alpha is not only an alien who crash landed on Earth and stole a human body, but that he made Beta out of loneliness, pulling her body out of his own. Adding to Alpha and Beta’s troubles is the introduction of a U.S. immigration officer named Nil, who tracks down “illegal aliens” and has powers of his own that allow him to communicate telepathically with Alpha.

Black Antenna was directed by Adam Mason, who also co-wrote it with Paul Sloan. The project was produced by Elizabeth Mason and Green Book writer Nick Vallelonga. The film stars Sloan, Viktoriya Dov and Darri Ingolfsson.

Alice in Chains released Rainier Fog last summer. The band will embark on a co-headlining tour with Korn July 18th in Austin, Texas.


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