WATCH: Funny moment woman falls over when she makes big mistake with luggage conveyor belt

Flights for first-time flyers can be a baffling experience – as one woman in Turkey has proved in a hilarious viral video. Footage from Istanbul Airport captured the moment the passenger made an epic blunder. The traveller, who is believed not to have flown before, was filmed getting very confused at check-in. She appears to think that the luggage conveyor will also ferry her to the plane.

The very funny clip shows the passenger confidently striding past the check-in desk up onto the first baggage conveyor belt.

The woman pauses as she approaches the fast-moving main belt and staff turn in alarm as they spot her actions.

She then steps onto the belt as an item of luggage glides by – apparently with no clue that she’s made a huge mistake.

However, she takes a dramatic tumble as she moves onto the baggage belt and falls over.

Two airport employees stand up in shock as they watch the woman’s movements.

The passenger is momentarily carried along before the startled staff rush to stop the belt.

She begins to get to her feet as the clip ends while the workers seem to simply stand and stare in surprise.

The footage has greatly entertained viewers after going viral on social media.

One person commented on the video: “Is this a shortcut to the plane?”

Another jokingly added: “I think travelling with the cargo is cheaper.”

Istanbul Airport is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey and opened in April this year.

It reportedly has an annual passenger capacity of 90 million – and, when finished, will cater for up to 200 million travellers.

Earlier this week a video went viral of holidaymakers fighting in Disneyland California.

The argument sparked between a man and a woman. It appears the man aimed a punch at the woman after she spat in his face.

The two scrap furiously with another man in a white T-shirt – who appeared to be with the first woman – getting involved.

Other people also join in the fray, with the man who initiated the fight heard saying “I’m ready to go to jail tonight,” according to the Los Angeles Times. 

The fray was eventually broken up after Disneyland security arrived on the scene.

Those involved in the ruckus were immediately removed from the theme park, reported the Los Angeles Times.

“Any type of violence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,” Liz Jaeger, a spokeswoman for the Disneyland Resort, told the newspaper.


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