Voice of the Mirror: Speed kills so enforcing safe driving will save lives

Speed kills on our roads, so installing technology to force car drivers to be responsible will inevitably save lives.

European-wide safety rules compulsorily fitting mph limiters in new models from 2022 will be seen by future generations to be as sensible as seat belts and air bags.

Brexit is likely to make little or no difference when we will import European motors with the systems installed – and manufacturers in Britain will also be building cars for export with the same tech.

The fact is many trucks, lorries and coaches already have limiters as do a growing number of cars sold with the option of switching on top speeds and warning bleeps when lanes are crossed if you haven’t indicated.

The extension of GPS and welcome safety improvements to new cars are roads we should welcome travelling down when reducing the death toll is in the public interest.

Tackle racists

Racism isn’t purely football’s problem but UEFA must take a stand after the vile abuse of England’s players in Montenegro .

Fans who hurl insults at footballers because of their skin colour are ruining the sport.

This is a moment to go in hard to tackle racism once and for all.

Let’s require offending countries or club teams to play away if their fans insult or boo black players.

Or demand games at home are played behind closed doors with only the opponent’s supporters allowed into stadiums.

Fines can be paid but crowds would soon shame the minority of racists into silence if nobody is allowed to watch because of idiots.

He’s for Chope

Tory dinosaur Christopher Chope is an embarrassment to his constituency Christchurch, his party and our country.

The clueless old duffer, who appears to blame teenage victims of knife attacks for the terror inflicted, is a reactionary who would do us all a favour by slipping out of public life.

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