Voice of the Mirror: It's May's delay, but we're the ones to pay for failure

Tomorrow was supposed to be the date we leave the European Union.

Instead, Parliament will spend yet another day arguing over the country’s future.

The fault for this lies with a Prime Minister who has mishandled the negotiations, hidden from scrutiny and failed to compromise.

It is an appalling failure of statecraft that on the most important issue since the Second World War we still have no idea of our fate.

Two years have been spent constructing a deal that, barring a last-minute change of heart by Tory Brexiteers, faces defeat this afternoon.

In that time, the Government has neglected or ignored pressing domestic issues, such as reforming our NHS, improving our schools and tackling inequality, as its energy has been exhausted on the all-consuming Brexit.

NHS waiting lists are at a record high, headteachers are having to beg for funds and there are not enough police to keep people safe.

People are paying the price for Tory incompetence and risk paying an even higher price if we leave with no deal or get a hard Brexit.

The PM has failed to pass her deal through Parliament


Poverty trap

It is national scandal that in one of the world’s wealthiest countries eight million families are living below the breadline.

Latest figures show two million pensioners and more than four million children in poverty.

And the statistics demolish the Tory ­argument that work is the best route out of deprivation as some 70% of children in poverty live in working households.

The Government has done nothing to address rising housing costs and low wages, while its benefits freeze and universal credit scheme have only made matters worse.

The Tories are either blind to the misery they are inflicting or callously indifferent.

Inn place to be

England’s struggling pubs are getting a cash boost to become hubs with Post Offices and shops, as well as libraries.

Anything that helps local boozers pull in the punters gets our stamp of approval.

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