Voice of the Mirror: Funding cuts to blame for NHS culture of bullying and overwork

The NHS would be nothing without its dedicated staff.

So it is shocking to discover the horrendous working conditions so many junior doctors experience. Instead of being valued, they endure a culture of bullying and overwork.

Some claim they are not even allowed to break for a drink of water on 15-hour shifts. Others tell of being pushed to breaking by overbearing bosses and gruelling pressure.

Little wonder that so many doctors are being driven out of the career they love.

The Government and NHS chiefs need to address this crisis urgently. If doctors are stressed, tired and not even allowed a sip of water, they are more likely to make mistakes.

NHS staff are being pushed to the brink (stock image)

A change of culture is part of the answer but the Government must realise this is what happens if you starve the NHS of funding.

Our doctors want to provide the best care. They can’t do that if they’re so battered by the job, they almost need care themselves.

Time for teeth

For too long social media companies have ducked responsibility for policing the content they publish.

They have cashed the cheques from advertisers while turning a blind eye to the vile material pumped out on their platforms.

Much of the content published online a newspaper would never touch (stock image)

Content which national newspapers would never publish, including images of self-harm, child abuse, and terrorist offences is rife online.

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The Government is now minded to hand Ofcom powers to force tech firms to clean up their act. But the watchdog must get real teeth.

A minor fine will mean nothing to giants which make billions in profit every year.

To clean up the wild west web, penalties must be harsh. That means disrupting business models and jail for serious offenders.

Sofa so good

Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid on the GMB sofa

BBC breakfast star Bill Turnbull is switching channels to join Susanna Reid on the GMB sofa.

One of the nicest men in television is the stand-in for Piers Morgan.


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