Virtuo takes sustainable car hire to the next level with the Tesla Model 3


ince its launch in 2015, Virtuo has put the excitement back into car hire. With a hassle-free hire process via a mobile app and a dynamic fleet of vehicles available both in London and in Europe, you get to drive top-of-the-range cars on your terms. And now, the globally acclaimed, market-leading Tesla Model 3 is available to drive through Virtuo.

Who knew that car hire could get your adrenaline pumping? Vehicle rental used to be a long-winded process characterised by tedious queuing, endless paperwork, laborious checking processes and fleets of functional but hardly thrilling vehicles. Not to mention those infuriating hidden fees springing up on your bill.

The future of driving

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Virtuo offers an attractive, convenient and eco-friendly new way. And with the ULEZ regulation zone set to expand within London later this year, Virtuo’s fleet – 50 per cent of which will be electric by 2025, and 100 per cent by 2030 – is leading the way into the future of driving.

Virtuo aims to reduce the environmental impact of our driving by making vehicles available at the click of a smartphone app

Virtuo aims to change the relationships we have with our cars, reducing the environmental impact of our driving by making vehicles available at the click of a smartphone app, but without them taking up space and adding their carbon footprint to our streets and driveways. With Virtuo, your phone is your car key, unlocking a seamless, hassle-free journey from initial hire (no queues, no paperwork, no hidden fees) to using the phone app to unlock the door and get behind the wheel. The magic is in how easy it all is to do.

Virtuo is for people who love driving, appreciate quality and relish the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the best consumer cars out there, but who also see the bigger picture, and understand the importance of combining the joy of motoring with a responsibility to the planet around us. Virtuo’s car-hire model is all about driving towards a more sustainable future, with cars that are there when you need them, and gone when you don’t.

On the road again


Now we’re preparing to emerge from the restrictions of the past year and a half, the need for escape has never felt more pressing. Virtuo’s seamless system allows you to slip into the driver’s seat of a luxury car and disappear off into the sunset, for just 24 hours or for up to 90 days – it’s your call.

A generous 150 miles per day is included, and the only car key you need is the phone in your pocket. And then you’re off – Virtuo’s fleet of Tesla Model 3 cars can do 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, and can drive for up to 360 miles before they need recharging – which couldn’t be simpler, with the thousands of charging points across the country. Best of all, like all Tesla vehicles, they are packed with unique features and innovations that make driving them an adventure in itself.

Fancy getting behind a Tesla Model 3? The road is opening up before you and the future is electrifying. Book your next journey with Virtuo here


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