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Videogames Go Cybergoth with No Longer Human –

PM Studios, the team behind NA, has announced No Longer Human, a high energy action platformer that they’ve termed cybergoth.

PM Studios and developer 0801 have announced that No Longer Human, a high-energy action adventure with expressive, freeform combat is set to load its way onto PC and consoles in 2022. While we know that the latest from PM is set to bring a digital neon apocalypse onto hard drives, we don’t have any further news on pricing or console formats quite yet.

What we do know is that No Longer Human is set in a near-future scenario. Much like any good classic Ghost in The Shell spin-off, neural implants are as commonplace as mobiles in this new world. This plunges players into the role of Tsunono, a once-famous Vocaloid idol turned cyberdemon. As you rampage through the online metaverse that underpins the fabric of this society, you’ll take on a range of opponents all bent on stopping your ascent to global domination.

From this side of the screen, No Longer Human mixes platforming mechanics and simple wireframe graphics with a splash of neon, a hardcore synth soundtrack, and an inventive freeform hack and slash combat system. The attack systems are designed to cultivate speedrunning and be played repeatedly, building a wealth of combos and powerful attacks that slice through enemies in front of your scythe.

To get a glimpse of what’s loading, head over to the official No Longer Human Steam Store page now.


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