Video shows moment busker left in tears by pensioner's heartbreaking request

A street busker was left in tears by a pensioner’s heartbreaking request in a viral video on Tiktok. The video which was shared by a TikTok user amiialexx has over 570K views and has left people emotional.

In the video, the busker is seen chatting with a pensioner, Peter, who shares his poignant story. The pensioner approaches the busker and registers his appeal.

Looking at the busker playing, he said: “I wish I could play a musical instrument. I think I would have started singing sooner than this.”

The busker said: “Oh well, it’s never too late.” The pensioner continued and told how he has been singing for his wife in the hospital. His wife has been diagnosed with dementia and he sings song for the entire ward every day.

He said: “Ah well it isn’t too late. I have just sung in the hospital this morning. My wife has been in hospital, she has got dementia, and she will never get better. I go up and see her every day.

“I go around singing in all the wards and the nurses say it’s good therapy for dementia. I would sing forever if you asked me to…So when I hear someone like you singing… well done, keep doing. Life is too short they say..music be the food of love, play on..”

And then as the busker starts singing again, she was left amused to hear the pensioner rhythming along with her. She then handed over the mic to him as he continued singing.

The pensioner sings Frank Sinatara My Way in his melodious voice.

The busker was amazed listening to the pensioner’s voice and his story. She wrote: “Please keep singing on those wards and bringing light to those who needs the most.”

The viral video on TikTok has been liked by over 86k people and has over 2.3k comments. The moving video left social media users “sobbing.” One user said: “Wow, I got shivers. What a precious man”

A second user said: “I am sobbing.” A third user commented: “What a voice on that guy! Bought a tear to my eye.”

Another user said: “This needs recording and sent to his wife so it can be played daily for her. Even if she doesn’t remember him, she will have his voice to listen to.”



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