Vegan activist headbutted while protesting outside shop selling fur

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An newbie animal rights protester was left with a bloody nose after an angry shopper attacked him out of nowhere.

Martin Shaw, 30, was taking part in his third demonstration with Brighton Vegan Activists outside Profile Fashion when he was headbutted and pulled to the ground.

He claims the customer wasn’t happy with his veganism and anti-fur beliefs, having seen placards outside with slogans including ‘Wear Your Own Skin’ and ‘It’s not Fashion, It’s Violence’.

Profile Fashion sells a number of designer brands including Dolce and Gabbana and Fendi, which both use real animal fur.

The angry customer was seen grabbing another protester before the fight broke out (Picture: SWNS)
Martin has decided not to press charges against his assailant (Picture: SWNS)

Martin denies the attacker’s claim that protesters were in his way and said he easily walked around small group on his way out.

He added: ‘Out of nowhere he headbutted me. He pulled me to the floor. A member of the public thankfully managed to pull him off me.

‘It just shows that with the people who buy fur, they can be violent towards humans as well as animals.’

Before the fight breaks out, the video shows the man grabbing another protester who shouts: ‘You can stop touching me’.

Martin said: ‘It’s not unexpected that someone who buys fur would have a disregard for others.

‘When he headbutted me, he gave me a nose bleed and a cut on my nose.

The newbie activist said the scuffle hasn’t deterred him from protesting (Picture: SWNS)
Activists carried signs saying ‘Wear Your Own skin’ and ‘Your Fur Trim Had a Victim’ (Picture: SWNS)

‘I called 111 to see if I should go to hospital and they advised me to wait until the swelling went down.’

Police were called but Martin, a vegan of four years, decided he does not want to press charges.

He said: ‘The only way I want to pursue this is showing the cruelty of the shop and its customers.

‘I know he’s said elsewhere that one of the protesters swung at him first, but that’s just not true.

‘There was plenty of space to walk around the protesters, he just wanted to be violent towards us.’

Martin was left with cuts on his nose and was worried he would have to go to hospital (Picture: SWNS)
Amidst the chaos, the attacker was pinned onto the floor as people intervened (Picture: SWNS)

Martin said the man he believes assaulted him has deleted his social media accounts.

Despite the unsettling encounter, he says he will continue protesting against Profile Fashions use of animal fur.

He added: ‘We can see that all animals feel suffering and pain and we have a duty to stop that where we can.

‘Nothing justifies wearing the skin of an animal. It causes so much pain and suffering to the animal.

‘They’re trapped in snares and they’re electrocuted for their pelts.

‘If anything, it has inspired everyone to keep protesting in order to make sure this shop stops selling fur.’

Sussex Police said they were called to a ‘disturbance from a noisy demonstration in Duke Street, Brighton’ at 2.12pm on Sunday.

A spokesman for the force said: ‘At the same time, a second call was received reporting that a fight had started, but split up less than a minute later.

‘There were no further reports and police did not attend.’

The shop has been contacted for comment.


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