Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games You Need to Play

Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed

THQ Nordic – TBD 2024

Another remake coming to the Nintendo Switch this year is Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed. Now a vibrant 3D platformer, this game promises to be a faithful remake of the Wii game Disney Epic Mickey as the player, armed with paint and paint thinner as the titular Mickey Mouse, journeys through the Wasteland of forgotten Disney characters and shapes the future of this mysterious realm. With appearances from various Disney characters and levels inspired by animated films and shorts, Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is perfect for Disney fans both young and young at heart.

Star Wars: Hunters

Zynga – TBD 2024

Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, on the Outer Rim planet of Vespaara, Star Wars: Hunters is a PvP game set in the planet’s Grand Arena. With battlefields that evoke familiar locales like Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor, the player must choose their characters wisely to end up victorious. The playable characters were created for this game, and there are a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from, from Bounty Hunters to Stormtroopers to heroes of the Rebellion. The player has the ability to make their team their own with customizable costumes, weapons, and animations. Not only is this game a unique slice of the Star Wars galaxy, but it will also be free to download when it drops on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

The Plucky Squire

All Possible Futures – TBD 2024

The Plucky Squire is an action-adventure game that follows the young squire Jot on a journey to save his home. After being thrust from his storybook by the villainous Humgrump, Jot must uncover the secrets of the three-dimensional world he’s been thrust into and find a way to restore the happy ending of his story before Humgrump ruins things for good. With both 2D and 3D levels, The Plucky Squire looks like a fun mash-up of fantasy and reality. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a fairy tale lept from its pages, then this is the game for you.


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