UK parents and pupils: has your relationship with school changed?

UK teachers have repeatedly raised concerns about deteriorating behaviour in schools in recent years, particularly since the coronavirus pandemic.

Headteachers in England have described a culture of non-compliance among pupils, as talks were held this week to try to avert further strikes at a school in Kent where staff walked out over student behaviour.

We’d like to hear from parents and pupils over the age of 18 how they feel about school these days.

Has your attitude towards school changed, and if so, what has driven this do you think? Are there specific problems you associate with school today? What works well?

You can get in touch by messaging us on WhatsApp on +447766780300 or filling in the form below.

Share your experience

Tell us how you feel about your or your child’s school and teachers, and whether your relationship with school has changed in recent years.

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