UK coronavirus live: Chris Whitty says social distancing should continue 'for a long period'

There is a very significant chance that it comes back in force.

Everyone that I’ve spoken to thinks it’s highly likely that this disease will continue to circulate and will come back in waves, and it may well be seasonal, and perhaps some of the things happening in the southern hemisphere now might support that.

The higher the numbers in circulation when you go into winter, the higher the likelihood you get a significant peak. And that speaks to the importance now, of getting our numbers down and getting on top of this with the measures that are in place.

If it’s the case that it goes round the world and comes back again, then clearly we remain as a population exposed to this. And therefore, the measures of reducing contact to reduce spread, the sorts of social distancing measures that we’ve talked about, and the hygiene measures that go along with that, will be necessary.


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