Twins who are always wrestling caught on night cam hugging each other

Too much cuteness (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

A pair of 18-month-old twins made their mum’s heart ‘burst with love’ when they were caught hugging.

Jacob and Noah Cantlay surprised their mum Laura Dalton, who watched them embracing on the baby monitor.

The siblings, who are known for their rough and tumble play, usually enjoy wrestling but showed affection on their cot cam.

Laura Dalton, from Aberdeen, had just put the brothers down for their afternoon nap when she went to see if they had drifted off.

The 28-year-old had expected the boys to be getting up to mischief but as she gazed at the screen, but the sweet tots were instead giving each other a hug.

Admin assistant Laura felt her heart swell as the boys, who spent the afternoon wrestling, embraced each other over the wooden bars in their bedroom.

And what makes it even sweeter is they were reaching one another on their tip-toes.

Laura, from Ellon, said: ‘They have a brilliant bond. This made me burst with love.

‘Because they do fight over toys, it’s lovely to know they love each other. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them hugging on the monitor.

‘When they’ve been fighting all day, it’s great to see [them hugging].’

Their parents were ‘bursting with love’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

The identical twins usually throw toys in and out of each other’s prams for half an hour before finally dozing off.

But just as Laura prepared herself for a trip back upstairs, she was taken aback to see the energetic little boys softly holding each other instead.

Laura added: ‘They never normally go to sleep straight away. They’ll romp about in their cots and chuck their teddies from one bed to the other.

‘It’s their safe haven in the bedroom. Doing it of their own accord is very sweet.

Bezzy mates (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘Normally, if Noah is sitting playing with something happily, Jacob will want it. He won’t just want his own ball, he’ll want both of them.’

Laura immediately sent the video of the boys to her fiancé, Fraser Cantlay, 28, who agreed that it was adorable.

She has now vowed to keep hold of the clip until they’re older to show them whenever they fight.

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