Treat Yourself – 6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Self-Care Bubble

Treat Yourself - 6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Self-Care Bubble

These days, there’s a lot to be stressed about. Family life, friendship quarrels, career aspirations, and oh, just a little thing they call a pandemic. There are more than enough reasons that you deserve to take a break from all the drama and treat yourself. The great news is, we’ve got an abundance of inspiration to take you from feeling stressed to utterly blessed. Here are six steps to creating the perfect self-care bubble: 

1. Prepare

Sometimes it takes a little motivation to encourage us to spend some quality time with ourselves. Whether you buy a nice bottle of wine, a fancy journal, a new aromatherapy oil diffuser, or a special bath bomb, preparation for self-care is key. These items or activities will inspire you to take that self-care time, so be sure to treat yourself with the right preparation and any little purchases you may need to make before you take that all-important time out. 

2. Set Aside Dedicated Time

Now you have the ‘equipment’ you need for self-care, it is important to set aside the time to indulge yourself. Whether it is 10 minutes every day, or a whole hour at the weekend, schedule that time in, and commit to it, no matter what. 

3. Get Rid of the Tech

When you finally do get down to self-care, please leave your devices at the door. Endless reviews and studies have proven that technology is directly linked to a host of negative impacts on our mental and physical health. 

Eye strain, depression, anxiety, social isolation, poor posture, sleep issues, and problems linked to a lack of physical movement are all potential side effects from too much technology exposure. 

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Put that phone away friend! 

4. Mix at-Home Treats with Outdoor Treats

Self-care should combine different activity types, so you get the biggest selection of benefits from your sessions. 

Various studies have shown that being in nature can help lower stress, blood pressure, nervousness, and anxiety. The same studies tell us self-esteem, mood, and overall good vibes are boosted by being in nature. 

As great as baths and relaxation sessions at home can be, taking a walk in nature is just as beneficial. Adding both to your self-care routine is bordering on transcendent!  

5. Ditch the Guilt and Truly Enjoy it

Struggling to commit to those self-care sessions? 1 in 3 people experience guilt when they take time for self-care, so you are not alone. However, the fact that other people experience it too doesn’t mean you should allow guilt to hold you back. 

It is time for you to ditch that misplaced emotion and get stuck into loving yourself. It really is the only way you can be the very best version of yourself, including career you, parent you, friend you, and any other role you take in life. You deserve self-care time. In fact, you need it to avoid burning out. 

6. Make it a Regular Thing

Of Americans aged 25 years and older, only 6.6% do any kind of regular self-care

Guys, what’s going on?! 

You matter, and you deserve self-care. Nothing is more important than putting yourself at number one on the list now and then. Whenever you feel you need some time, grab a little bit. Even five minutes every day adds up. You are worth it. 

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball

Hopefully, you’re ready to book in that self-care sesh and get your self-love topped right up. Remember, you are worth it, you deserve it, and you will be a better you for it. 

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