Travellers rave about Ryanair-approved baggage that fits so much it's 'like a Tardis'

While you may save money on a budget flight with or , the amount can soon add up if you get to the airport to realise you’ve packed more than your allotted allowance. Ryanair, in particular, has a rather small free cabin bag allowance – but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit enough for a short trip into this one bag.

In fact, there is one bag currently for sale on Amazon that has been hailed by customers for being “like a Tardis”. The bag, which is made by the brand ECOHUB, can hold 20L and fits exactly into Ryanair’s specific dimensions.

Measuring 40 x 20 x 25, the ECOHUB bag can fit under the seat in front and should slot with ease into Ryanair’s luggage sizer.

To top it off, right now the bag is being sold for just £9.99 on Amazon and comes in an array of colours. However, select colours may be slightly more expensive and, as is often the case with Amazon, the price may change over time.

The bag has scored a 4.4-star out of five-star rating, and one word keeps coming up in the review section. The bag has been described as a “Tardis” by multiple shoppers.

And if you know anything about Doctor Who, you will know that a Tardis is a lot bigger on the inside than what you may think when you first see it.

A customer named Liam said: “Like a Tardis. Decent quality, I purchased this for a holiday later on this year and was sceptical of the quality because of the price.

“I am very pleased with this bag, it fits so much in and the quality is great. I have done a quick trial pack and it fits four shorts, six t-shirts, a pair of sliders, six pants, five socks and a belt.” [SIC]

Another shopper named Emma, wrote: “It’s like the Tardis! Can fit so much in and it’s strong!”

One customer who used the bag on a Ryanair flight added: “Ideal for Ryanair hand luggage. Bought it after reading a review in the newspaper. It was like a Tardis, fitted everything from water, book, glasses, purse, snacks and my full-length wool coat!”

Travellers jetting off with Ryanair should make sure they are aware of their luggage allowance, as you can be charged extra fees if you are found to have surpassed your allotted amount. You can , as well as some packing tricks.

All passenger fares include a small personal bag, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm, which must fit under the seat in front of you

Passengers who wish to take a second, larger piece of luggage must purchase a Priority fare.

  • Priority fares allow customers to take a small personal bag (40 x 20 x 25cm) and a cabin bag (55 x 40 x 20cm) weighing up to 10kg with them onboard
  • Priority fare passengers also board the plane first via the Priority Queue
  • Priority plus two extra bags costs between £6 and £36 when done online, compared to at the check-in desk where it can cost anywhere from £20 to £38


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