Transparent graphic eyeliner is having a moment – here's how to nail the maximalist makeup trend

Never heard of transparent graphic eyeliner? Well, it’s likely that the latest makeup trend has popped up on your Insta feed now and again. As we enter the hallowed summer months, people are embracing the oppurtunity to get ~experimental~ with their beauty looks – it is festival season, after all. 

If you’ve been paying any attention to any of the hottest fashion trends of 2022, you’ll know that all things sheer/transparent/see-through/etc. are receiving a lot of love, right now. From the sheer dresses worn by the likes of Zoë Kravitz and Kendall Jenner, to the sheer lace bustier favoured by Camila Cabello, we just can’t get enough of nearly-naked outerwear.

But why should our beauty routines miss out on all the fun? One content creator is having none of it; @maytahmi took to Instagram to share the lowdown on the transparent graphic eyeliner trend. 

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In the video, May uses a concealer brush to outline her eyes with concealer, starting at the inner arch of her nose, up to her brow bone, and along her lower lids. Next up, the concealer is blended out with the rest of the makeup, leaving behind a striking, graphic eyeliner look. 

Another content creator, @wendysworld_xox, tested the trend on Instagram, aptioning the video, “ 👀 thoughts on transparent graphic liner?? […] I screamed when I saw on this on May so had to try. Very simple to what I usually do but I’m enjoying trying different techniques ✨ [sic]” 

Instead of using a concealer brush to create the outline, Wendy opted for a thin, round-tipped brush, enabling her to draw a more fluid shape. You can check out her take on the trend, here: 


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