Tracks of the week reviewed: Will Young, Tame Impala, Lizzo

Will Young
All the Songs

Humans are funny creatures, aren’t they? We all know that pet ownership will end in death (theirs or ours) and relationships will end in heartbreak (or, I suppose, death) and yet we just keep on having them (pets and relationships). Perhaps you’d forgotten how much it hurts to be on either end of a break-up, in which case please allow Will Young to remind you by clocking you round the head with this gorgeous slice of melancholy pop. Is there anything worse than finally starting to feel better, and finally getting out of bed, only to find out your ex has been spotted “dancing with somebody else to our song”? God. I’m getting back into bed.

Lizzo ft Missy Elliott

Who did Lizzo sell her soul to because, honestly, everything the woman touches turns into an absolute JAM. This slinky, body-positive snake charm is no exception, despite Missy Elliott’s best efforts to mess it up with a verse that sounds as if she’s playing a very dull game of Pictionary. Lizzo more than makes up for it, bending the English language to her will by rhyming “necessary” with “accessarary” and then being all “yeah, what of it?” Someone call the Oxford English Dictionary, we need to make this official.

Tame Impala

“Has it been even that long?” Tame Impala ask at the start of this aptly named comeback single and the answer is YES, it’s been FOR EVER. It’s been longer between Tame Impala albums than it has between Rihanna records and Kevin Parker doesn’t even have the excuse of launching every possible makeup product and style of sock in the meantime. Anyway, they’re finally back and I will absolutely take this shimmering slow disco, striped with Dancing Queen-style cascades and chillout piano as penance.

Lighthouse Family
My Salvation

Tame Impala’s absence pales in comparison to the Lighthouse Family, who are back after an 18-year split. My Salvation is probably about Brexit or social media or contouring but sounds as if it could have been released in 1995. As smooth and sweeping as classic ’house hits, it’s like the last 20 years didn’t happen. If only.

Why Don’t We & Macklemore
I Don’t Belong in This Club

Nothing much to say about this middle-aged whinge set to a weirdly slow beat but if you had to guess what Macklemore drinks, you’d definitely guess Red Bull wouldn’t you? And you’d be right!


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