Tory candidate reveals anger at Labour's Brexit 'betrayal' on the doorstep 'day after day'

The Conservative Party’s candidate for Wolverhampton South West, Stuart Anderson, slammed the Labour Party for betraying their voters who voted Leave. Mr Anderson also revealed he has lifelong Labour supporters offering to campaign for him because they feel so strongly about leaving the European Union. The Brexiteer told Express.co.uk that it was his desire to help get Brexit completed which motivated him to get involved in politics. 

Commenting on Labour’s betrayal, Stuart Anderson said: “The last general election in 2017 in the manifesto they said they would honour the result of the referendum.

“To have another referendum is a complete betrayal of what they voted for.

“I hear that on the doorstep day after day.

“In normal circumstances and politics has changed I would not have lifelong Labour voters pledging we are going to support you, ‘actually we are going to come out campaigning because we feel so strongly about this’.

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“That is unusual, I wouldn’t of had that.

“So I hear it day after day that people do feel betrayed.”

Earlier in the interview, Mr Anderson told Express.co.uk the Labour Party had made a miscalculation in their approach to the West Midlands, which is set to be a key battleground during the December 12 general election.  

He said: “It is hardcore Momentum.

Mr McDonnell said Mr Corbyn would reiterate the same position he has held regarding Brexit which is negotiating a new deal with the EU and then holding a second referendum within six months. 

The Shadow Chancellor also said remaining in the EU was the best outcome for Britain. 

Mr McDonnell stated: “He’ll say very straightforward what our policy is, we go in we negotiate in a very limited period of time a sensible deal that we can put before the British public.

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“We’ll put that before the British public, they will also have the option to leave and remain on the ballot paper so, therefore, the people will decide.”


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