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Tom Holland: I may be Spider-Man, but mum still makes me do the dishes

Tom Holland says that his family keeps him grounded despite having found fame as Marvel’s Spider-Man — with his mother still making him do the dishes.

The actor, 22, lives at home in Kingston upon Thames with his mother Nicola, a photographer, father Dominic, a comedian and author, and three brothers.

Michael Muller/Man About Town Magazine 

He told Man About Town magazine: “I just try and live my life as normally as possible and that means go to the pub with my mates or going out and playing golf.

Michael Muller/Man About Town Magazine  

“My parents and brothers are such cool people that they wouldn’t really let my life change that much. I’ll come home from a hard day’s work and my mum will tell me to do the dishes, ‘It’s your turn’.”

The Brit School graduate, who was a child star as Billy Elliot in the West End, said his Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr has been a role model.

Michael Muller/Man About Town Magazine 

He said: “He is just such a breath of fresh air, and for me to get the chance to work with him in such a professional capacity — it’s so refreshing. It shows that you can be the most successful person in the industry and not be a d***, you know?”

Cover star: Tom Holland photographed for Man About Town magazine (Michael Muller/Man About Town Magazine)

Holland’s next outing as the superhero is in Spider-Man: Far From Home which opens in cinemas in July. 

He said: “The director [Jon Watts] realised that superhero movies can be a little silly and a little stupid, and we just wanted to try and sort of take the mick out of the genre, and we did that in the most perfect and subtle way.” 

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