Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Fresh and Hygiene

A well-designed kitchen will not be good if the kitchen is dirty or unhygienic. For example, it is good for us to decorate the kitchen with vases, paintings, or linen tablecloths, but it will not be good if it is dirty. Here are the tips for you to keep the kitchen fresh and hygienic.

Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Fresh and Hygiene

Keep it Simple

Keep the Kitchen as simple as it can. Just place the fridge, sink and stove in the kitchen, place the important items only. If you add so much stuff, it will take up space and will make the kitchen look messy. You can put it in storage or get rid of it from the kitchen completely. You don’t need a million kitchen knives and pots and pans. You only need five or 10 basic things such as a cast-iron skillet, a flat wooden spoon and a big cutting board. So, limit your kitchen equipment in order to keep the kitchen simple and make it easier to have a cleaning routine. 

Clear Container is Your Buddy

A clear container will help you to place the food stock. You can buy cheap clear containers for bulk goods such as grains, flour and rice. You can add a clear label for each container from fresh ingredients to dry ones such as spices. Even better if you add the purchase dates to know how long the freshness of the goodwill stays. The label also can help us to easily differentiate each component when doing meal preparation. It will shorten the length of time that I will spend in the kitchen and make sure all of the ingredients aren’t messy everywhere in the kitchen.

After you put the food material in the clear container, you can place it on your shelves, drawer, or fridge. The raw ingredients such as meat, fish, or frozen food are placed in the freezer, fresh vegetables that have already been chopped are placed in the bottom place of the fridge, and snacks and beverages can be arranged in the fridge.  The other food materials such as flour, grain, sauces, instant noodles and many more can be placed outside the fridge. Place the clear container that is already labelled in the drawer or in the kitchen space.

Make Sure the Kitchen is Comfortable

Make sure to keep the kitchen feel comfortable because of the components that will support the kitchen such as stove, kitchenware, and kitchenette. Modern kitchen will be more comfortable for you because it is simple and has well integrated technology, so you won’t be worried about the safety of the fuel. Don’t forget also to choose kitchenware that is easy to use but also has non-hazardous material for our health such as stainless steel or non-stick iron.

You can add a number of items that are suitable for your style. You can add vases with fresh flowers such as lily, rose, or a daisy. The flowers will give a fresh ambience in the kitchen. You can add a humidifier too, in order to get a fresh scented kitchen all day long. 

Linen tablecloth also can be added on your kitchen table. It is suitable for the kitchen because it is anti-odour, anti-bacteria, and also durable for many times of use. It is available in many different color, so you can choose your favourite color that matches your overall kitchen themes 

Regularly Cleaning The Kitchen 

In order to keep the kitchen healthy and fresh, you must have a scheduled cleaning day. You can make it daily, weekly, or monthly. The daily routine that can be done to keep the kitchen healthy is to wash all dishes, wipe down benches, cabinets, backsplashes, stovetop and main appliances, Sweep the floor, Empty rubbish, and don’t forget to Clean up any spills as they occur.

The weekly cleaning routine that can be done is to mop the floor with aromatic carbon to keep the floor clean, don’t forget to clear out the expired items from the fridge and the shelves. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean counters and all other workspaces, Wash the rubbish bin, for cabinets, wash stubborn dirt off handles and greasy spots with dishwashing detergent and then wipe down the entire cabinet, then buff dry.

For a monthly cleaning routine,  clean small appliances plus large ones such as the fridge, dishwasher and microwave and then deep clean the sink and drain. It is a very important activity that you must schedule before, hence it will make your kitchen healthier and always bring a fresh sensation.


A healthy and fresh kitchen will physically and mentally benefit us and our family because all of the food is made from the kitchen, so it is better to be healthy. In order to make our kitchen ideal in terms of hygiene and healthiness, you must go back to the overall kitchen design, is it already enough or not, if it is already enough, don’t overcomplicate it, keep it simple. The arrangement process of food material also may be an issue, so it is better to place it in a container, the non matching material doesn’t have a good visual pattern. So, it is better to make sure all of the containers are the same in color but have various sizes, you can use the clear container and then label it based on the name of the product and how long it is edible. Don’t forget to make sure the kitchen is comfortable and don’t forget to regularly schedule the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning.

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