Tips For Choosing Good Parking Management

Do you think there are so many parking places for each? Those who have cars look for a safe parking space, but also who meet a number of other characteristics; In this post, we leave you a few tips so you can choose good parking management.

It has a System to Manage Your Parking Better than the Past

The technology is so important. It will be your best ally to manage parking spaces. There are programs that are designed to help; in it you can set various parameters and values. For example, car park payment systems, making entry and exit tickets, administration of hourly or fractional parking fees, vehicle control reports, etc. The use of technology is something that cannot be ignored by every parking owner or manager who is dedicated to his profession.

Parking Rules must be Clear

This will let users know everything the service offers. In this rule, it is helpful to include a disclaimer of responsibility in certain situations, such as theft in the car, or the vehicle itself, damage to the car, etc. It would be a good idea to get advice from a lawyer! Some cases may result in an invasion of privacy so including legal assistance is very important.

Some rules of behavior can:

  • That the responsibility for damage caused by the driver to another vehicle and to the property is paid for by that person.
  • That every driver who enters the parking lot has a SIM.
  • That the maximum speed in the parking lot must be respected.
  • Avoid parking in places that block the exit route or in areas for people with disabilities, etc.

Work with Trained Staff

The selection of personnel responsible for parking areas should not be ignored. Service efficiency and good customer experience will depend on it. Personnel must be trained to master the technology used in the parking lot and must project a serious and professional image that provides security for those who use this service.

Design the Parking Process Flow

Parking services are still a type of business, so the procedures followed for services to work must be specified. For example, this might include:

  • Parking requests, by clients.
  • Check availability, by manager.
  • Allocation of parking spaces.
  • Update parking spaces.
  • Verification of compliance with directives.

Set Penalties if Parking Rules are Violated

This will make it possible to know what action to take if the parking customer makes a mistake. You can classify this as very serious, serious or mild. Some of these sanctions can be:

  • Postpone the use of parking for clients.
  • Suspend the use of parking for lost drivers indefinitely.
  • Suspend for a certain period the use of parking space for people who make mistakes.
  • Warning or wake-up call.

By applying advanced technology to the parking lot, operational losses (which may occur) can be minimized. Technology is not everything, but it is needed to ensure things run better.

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