Timid puppy rescued from Romania is looking for a loving home – can you help?

Elsie is still timid but is making progress (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

Elsie is around 10 months old and in need of a loving home.

The mixed-breed puppy was rescued from Romania and flown over to the UK in September 2021, emaciated and terrified.

Now, six months later, she’s still looking for a home to call her own.

Elsie’s start in life was an upsetting one, likely consisting of nothing but negative treatment – dogs like her have often been abused, beaten, been dragged around on a catch pole, and held by nothing but the scruff of the neck.

Understandably traumatised by this past, Elsie is wary of humans, and still very timid.

The pup is suffering with trust issues – but the rescuers at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull are determined to find her a home.

The rescue centre said: ‘Elsie is still very timid; we have been hand-off with her so that she doesn’t have to fear that we are going to hurt her or force her to do anything she is not comfortable with.’

How could you say no to those puppy eyes? (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

‘She has made progress since this time; she will come over for treats and investigate people, but she is not ready for touches or strokes.’

They added that any prospective owners need to be aware that Elsie will be a ‘project dog’, who will take some time to settle into a home.

And, importantly, she needs someone that is willing to allow her to take as long as she needs to get there.

The poor pup has had an abusive past (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)
She just needs a patient, loving home (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)
Elsie will be a ‘project’ dog – but it will be a very rewarding journey to go on (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

‘Dogs like Elsie usually do not progress past a certain point in rescue, and most progress will be seen once she has fully settled into the home environment,’ the rescue explained.

‘We know this because we have rehomed lots of dogs who were just as timid as Elsie, and they’ve gone on to really bond with their owners, learn to walk on lead and live fantastic lives.’

The rescue have also said that Elsie is ‘brilliant’ with other dogs – she gains confidence from them, displays submissive body language and just wants to be their friend.

She’s brilliant with other dogs (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)
Elsie has made lot of progress since joining Oakwood (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)
Dogs in her new home would be helpful to her, so she can learn from them (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

‘She needs a confident dog, or dogs in the home to help her to progress and learn from them,’ they note.

‘She will be a dog that you don’t need to do much with for a good while, your current pooches will be the best teachers for Elsie, and she will begin to mimic their behaviours.’

As Elsie is very shy, the rescue advise that she will need an ‘adult only’ home – one that is willing to allow Elsie all the time she needs to progress at her own pace.

It’s also worth noting that she hasn’t been tested with cats and will need a home with five foot fencing or higher.

The rescue said: ‘We understand that dogs like Elsie are not for everyone.

‘We have had applicants admit that they have not experienced dogs as timid as ours before, despite having years of dog experience – yet, we have had many first-time dog owners adopt and succeed with very timid dogs.

Elsie waiting on her new owners to come and take her home (Picture: Oakwood Dog Rescue)

‘All it takes is patience and taking on board advice from staff.

‘Many rescues would over-look dogs like Elsie, but we believe that she has lots of potential in a home and deserves a chance at happiness.

‘Adopting Elsie will be an incredibly rewarding journey, seeing her enter the home as a timid dog and working with her to become a loving, trusting and valued member of the family is one of the best journeys you could ever embark on.’

If you’re interested in rehoming Elsie, or any other dogs at Oakwood Dog Rescue, contact their team via

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