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Tim Lovejoy: Sunday Brunch host speaks out on future away from show 'TV career ends'

Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy, 52, and Simon Rimmer, 56, weren’t together in the studio for the first time in the show’s history last week, as the pair hosted the Channel 4 show via video link at home. The conversation swiftly turned to what Tim would be doing once his “TV career comes to an end”.

As the presenting duo chatted, talk turned to home-schooling as Tim admitted he enjoyed teaching at home.

“I’ve been getting up and doing Joe Wicks’ workout and I’ve got to say he is a top man for doing that because it’s really good fun,” the Sunday Brunch host explained.

“Been doing it every morning and thoroughly enjoying it. “

Tim then moved the conversation on to teaching children at home and admitted it was a career he could see himself doing in the future.

Tim and Simon got onto the subject when a viewer named Darren sent in a question asking what hair products the former would recommend.

Reading out the query, Tim said: “What hair products would you recommend?

“Thanks, Darren,” he added sarcastically, while Simon burst into fits of giggles.

“The obvious question that, isn’t it?” The TV chef quipped.

Seeming less than impressed, Tim continued: “We don’t need that sort of humour, do we?

“It’s actually quite funny and why I think that’s funny is that every man gets to a certain age and their hair starts getting thinner, as you know, and then you end up panicking and going ‘Oh no, I’m losing my hair, what am I going to do now?’

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“Now there’s the internet, there wasn’t the internet when you first lost your hair was there Simon?”

Fortunately, Simon laughed along with his co-host’s cheeky retort, as Tim continued: “If you Google it and search for celebrities who have lost their hair and how do I keep my hair going?

“When I was young, I used to use so many hair products, it was ridiculous, I used to have big quiffs sometimes and I had long hair.”

Simon then chimed: “You’ve had some impressive haircuts over time, Tim.

“The gallery of Tim Lovejoy haircuts is a book to behold.”

“Just think of the amount of money that I’m saving now that I’m not using hair products,” Tim added.

Sunday Brunch continues next Sunday at 9:30am on Channel 4.


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