Thomas Muller interview: Pep Guardiola, modern coaching and why good movement is ‘logical’

Thomas Muller, maybe typically, doesn’t go in the direction you might expect. The Bayern Munich forward is talking about his ability to make what seems like exactly the right run for every attack, which opposition players say is almost like a sixth sense. One international once expressed incredulous frustration at how often a single Muller move repeatedly took four players out of the game.

The expressive 31-year-old raises his eyebrows at the idea this is anything innate, or extrasensory.

“That can be coached, for sure,” Muller explains. “I think people make a bigger thing about it to explain how a player maybe with not a special physicality, skill, or dribbling skill, is so efficient. So, maybe in my younger age, when I’d score two goals and people ask how is that possible, they try to make like a ‘mythos’. They build up something that is normally logical as special.”

Speaking for the first part of a wide-ranging interview ahead of next week’s crunch Bundesliga game with RB Leipzig, Muller is remarkably relaxed for someone that would be seen as a standard-bearer for a club with as demanding a winning mentality as any in football. He is full of quips, and jibes, casually unpicking a few perceptions.

“That’s one of my talents,” Muller laughs when his casual nature is put to him.

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If the forward insists there is no special talent that has elevated one of the most successful careers in the game, he almost offers a masterclass in how to think your way through the game; how to maximise space in the manner that really differentiates the top level.

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Muller begins to explain the thought process behind one of his runs, and what he sees as a move develops.


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