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This was Lauren Oshie’s face when TJ hung up on her to play video games – Russian Machine Never Breaks

During Phase 3 Training Camp, TJ Oshie was asked how the team would pass time in the bubble. “We’re a Mario Kart team,” Oshie said.

He was not lying.

Monday night, while speaking to his wife Lauren back at home, TJ had to leave because he had very important business he needed to conduct in the bubble. He needed to play video games with the boys.

Lauren’s face says it all. TJ is the ultimate family man, but he brought his Seattle Seahawks-colored headphones for a reason. When he’s not playing on the ice, he will be jamming those joysticks off of it. And if all goes well, he’ll have another video game character tattooed on his other upper thigh in October.

Headline photo courtesy of @lauren.oshie


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