This Microscopic Time-Lapse of Chemicals Crystalizing is Hypnotic

The folks over at Envisioning Chemistry have created yet another spellbinding time-lapse that will appeal to photography nerds and science nerds alike. Using a polarized light microscope, they captured the kaleidoscope of colors as various substances crystalized in front of their lens.

Envisioning Chemistry is a partnership between the scientists and photographers behind Beauty of Science, and the Chinese Chemical Society. Together, they’ve created various macro and microscopic time-lapses that capture everything from the simple beauty of Hydrogen bubbling in slow motion, to the ripple of an “oscillation reaction” inside a petri dish.

The Vibrancy is a sequel to their popular film The Arctic, which captured the crystallization process of various salts, producing some beautiful monochromatic footage. Thanks to a polarized light microscope, the new film adds eye-popping color to the equation.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite stills from the short film:

To learn more about Envisioning Chemistry and some of the films they’ve created, head over to their website, visit the Beauty of Science page, or dive into the PetaPixel archives to see our personal top picks from the series.


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