This Asda move has been branded a ‘game-changer’

Change by Asda has been branded a ‘gamechanger’ (Credits: Getty Images)

Asda has been applauded on Tiktok for introducing ‘game-changer’ trolleys to some of its UK stores.

The supermarket has been praised for creating trolleys with space for three children.

Usually, shopping trolleys only have one or two child seats. This makes shopping difficult if you have more than two small children.

The larger trolleys were first introduced by Asda in 2018. While not all stores have them, they can be requested at your local store.

The Galbally family on Tiktok were overjoyed to discover their local shop had introduced them a couple of months ago and shared their experience of using one on their channel.

In the family’s latest video, Alex Galbally praised Asda for the update, branding it ‘the triplet trolley’.

The dad-of-five showed followers how the triple trolley worked. Two of his triplets were in the front seats and the third in the back, with his older toddler sat in the main part of the trolley. 

Galbally said in the video: ‘We finally got the triplet trolley from Asda. Here it is in all its glory. They are all in here.’ The video was captioned with ‘Triplet trolley at Asda – game changer!’

In the video the triplets are seen giggling and smiling. Alex laughs, ‘I think they like it!’

You can ask for a three-seat trolley at your local Asda’s customer service desk. An Asda spokesperson told The Mirror. ‘We’re pleased to see the Galbally Family are fans of the triplet trolley. Any customers looking for a similar trolley should speak to our colleagues in store who will be able to assist.’

The other major supermarket chains also offer three-seat trolleys, along with trolleys with baby car seats, toddler and baby seat spaces, and mobility aid-compatible trolleys.

If you require any particular trolley you can request them at your store’s help desk.

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