This £5.99 lipstick was used on Katherine Langford's cheeks, eyelids *and* lips for her stunning GLAMOUR cover shoot & you need it RN

It’s not often that a cover star does their own makeup for a shoot that they have also self-shot on an iPhone during lockdown. However, Katherine Langford, who not only stars in Netflix’s new hit show, Cursed, but also co-created AND sings the theme song, clearly isn’t scared of a challenge.

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But then again, when you have L’Oréal Paris’ Global Makeup Director, Val Garland, directing the beauty looks via Zoom, you know you are in safe hands. She does have the most amazing secret beauty tips, so get ready to LEARN.

For one of the three stunning beauty looks in GLAMOUR’s July cover shoot, Katherine, under the instruction of the legendary Val, applied one £5.99 lipstick to not only her lips but also her eyelids and lips. Now that is a seriously versatile product, which is given its time in the spotlight by simply using it on a base of foundation.

The L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Satin Lipstick (in the shade, 364 Place Vendome) with a satin finish’s creamy formula is usually just designed to hydrate the lips, leaving them feeling soft and of course in a stunning hue. But as we know, a lipstick can be so much more useful than that.

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First of all, for the lips, Val told Katherine to, “dab it on the lips so it’s like a beautiful strain,” before instructing our cover star to, “dot it on the cheek and then blend it in with your fingers.”

Thought this lipstick couldn’t work harder? Think again. Then Val advised Katherine to, “take the lipstick again and dot that on your eyelid just under the socket line. Then just rub that in with your fingers.”

Of course, not to leave the brows out, Katherine brushed up the brows and used ANOTHER lipstick as a highlighter. Katherine took L’Oréal Paris’ Colour Riche Shine Lipstick (905 #Bae), usually a used as a high shine lipstick in a clear shimmer shade and applied it as a highlighter on the cheekbone.

The results were cover worthy – naturally – and you too can get the GLAMOUR cover shoot look by watching the above tutorial with both Val and Katherine. Plus, if you are inspired by the other cover looks, all the products from Val and Katherine’s makeup looks are below so get ready to fill up your makeup bag.

L’Oreal’s Paris Color Riche Satin Lipstick is available to shop for £5.99 on Amazon.

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